How do I organize my birthday party ?

I make a reservation for my birthday party by contacting Arnaude Adventures via email or phone +33 6 21 81 71 45.

I send my guests the Arnaude Adventures invitation cards (see below for more information):
For my birthday party, the staff at Arnaude Adventures helps us put on our equipment and explains how we can play in the trees in complete safety-under parental supervision for smaller children.
And after the fun, a treat awaits! I can bring my own birthday cake and drinks. I have my own reserved space beneath the trees to blow out my candles, enjoy a snack with my guests, and open my gifts--including a surprise from Arnaude Adventures (free entry).

Information for my parents

For all the rope courses: free access, with mandatory supervision by a parent or legal guardian.
We recommend at least 1 adult for each "group" of 6 kids.
Our monitors are responsible for general supervision.
If the weather is not permitting on the day of your party, and Arnaude Adventures must remain closed for safety reasons, you can always reschedule your birthday party.

Example of an afternoon birthday party

1 p.m.: All your friends have arrived and the monitors equip you with harnesses.
1:30: Everyone starts with the beginners' course, where you'll learn how to safely play on the courses.
Then the adventure begins, with guaranteed thrills for you and your guests! Mom and/or Dad will decide how much time you can spend up in the trees.
Between 3:30/4 p.m.: safety harnesses are returned to Park reception, it's time to have a snack and open your presents.
5 p.m.: You and your friends go home with your parents.

Birthday invitations & envelopes with Arnaude Adventure Park logo.

We can provide you with birthday invitations (pdfDownload) & envelopes to invite your friends to your birthday party at Arnaude Adventures Park.